Root Watering Spikes 3pcs


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Watering spikes are the ideal solution to allow you to deliver an equal, sustained amount of water right to the area that your plants need them, the roots.

Pack Contents: 1x 3pc kit


  • Feed your plants the smart way
  • Strong and tough for multi usage.
  • Practical and easy to use.

If you are looking for a smarter way to get water right to the roots of your plants then watering spikes are the perfect solution to do just that. Instead of water sitting heavy on the top of your soil a watering spike is a clever way to by-pass this problem.

If you have tough soil, such as a clay soil, then not to worry, these watering spikes are tough and sturdy enough to pierce right into the soil and easily access the roots. So no need to worry about snapping or bending of your watering spikes. Meaning you can use them again year after year.

Designed with the right amount of holes in the spike to provide equal distribution to the roots meaning that water or feed doesn’t just spill anywhere and not get to where it is needed the most.

30cm (12in) in length provides you with enough depth to get right to the source of most root structures and a 5cm diameter watering point makes for easy pouring and easy filling.

H30cm x D5cm