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Get this rose accessories bundle for your favourite garden roses, containing rich rose food and supporting rose ties

Pack Contents: 4x Rose Ties & 1x 3kg of Fertiliser


  • SAVE £3 on this cost-effective bundle compared to getting items individually
  • Specially formulated rose food for hungry roses for better performance
  • Stretchy ties to keep rose plants vertical and firmly anchored in the ground
  • Stop rose plants from rocking in the wind

Take advantage of this bundle containing specialist rose food which promotes further blooming and rose ties perfect for fixing onto stakes. This keeps your plants from weakening and rocking in the wind. Particularly recommended in windy and exposed plots.

Your bundle contains:

Westland Naturally Rich Rose Food: 3kg pack

For good-looking roses every year: Your rose fertiliser is made of a high-potash formula so your blooms get the right nutrients for big and bold flowers. Enjoy even more beautiful blooms with Westland Naturally Rich Rose Food on healthy, disease-free plants. With added nitrogen and phosphorus for thriving shoots and roots.

Rose Ties: 4 pack

For strong balanced growth: These elastic ‘belt-buckle’ rose ties offer the perfect support for developing plants. As rose bushes grow they become more vulnerable to rocking in the wind. This weakens the roots and in the worst case scenario can cause them to topple. These ties stop this from happening; their stretchy nature means they don’t cut into the stems as the stems grow wider over time.