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Shrub rose Many Happy Returns bare root plant with semi-double pink flowers from July to November. Height 75cm.

Key Features

  • Loved by pollinators
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 1x bare root rose

Height: 75cm (2 ½ ft)


  • Sweetly scented, modern shrub rose
  • Suitable for creating hedges
  • Many flowers on reliable UK-hardy plants
  • Perfect for gardens and allotments as protective windbreaks
  • Great for attracting butterflies and bees
  • 1 bare root specimen, delivered to your door ready to plant

Get shrub rose Many Happy Returns for your garden or plot, a UK-hardy rose variety that makes an effective flowering hedge, generous in flower numbers, well-scented and attractive to beneficial UK wildlife like bees and hoverflies. Shrub rose Many Happy Returns makes a wonderful gift, with flowers returning very summer.

Your plant gives you soft pink flowers in big numbers, clustering well. The pretty, semi-double flowers highlight the bright green and glossy foliage.

We recommend that you grow rose Many Happy Returns as a hedge near to home-grown crops like cabbages, climbing beans and Brussels sprouts. The hedge acts as a useful windbreak to filter wind, protecting these tall crops.

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