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Rose Ties


Catalogue Code: 1090-5768

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Excellent ties to secure your roses to stakes and keep your newly-planted rose specimens from getting damage from the wind. Prevent excessive wind rock that can loosen the roots in the soil and make your prize plants collapse.

Pack Contents: 4x Rose Ties

Size: L:30cm x W:1.25cm


  • Tie stretches as the stem grows
  • Keep roses protected from wind rock
  • Four ties in every pack
  • Use on other ornamental shrubs too

The perfect addition to your gardening kit when you are planting your favourite rose varieties. Once you have planted your roses these buckle ties attach the main stem to a stake perfectly preventing your plants rocking too much in the wind which can loosen the root ball and cause the plant to fall.

Prevent this by strengthening your plants with these easy-apply ties. The rubber material stretches naturally as the main stem thickens and grows over the season which means your plant is rewarded to good unimpeded growth and is not strangled by the tie.

We recommend you tie rose plants to a stake for its first year in the ground. After this time period your rose will be naturally anchored well enough in place to support itself with its extensive root network. You can then loosen the tie and re-use it again on other roses in future.


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