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Sow these Salad Seeds - Watercress Aqua in a greenhouse to produce an earlier crop. With just a little care you’ll produce superb crops.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers

Pack Contents: 2,500x Watercress Seeds


  • 2500 potential plants
  • Easiest crop to grow
  • Excellent catch crop – grow while waiting for slowing-growing crops

Watercress Aqua – so easy to grow and perfect for UK conditions

Produces a large crop high in calcium and iron with a delicous peppery flavour.

Seeds can be sown from mid-May to September and can be harvested from June to October. Regular picking is essential for continuity. Use watercress as an effective catch-crop. They mature quickly and give you a good supply of leaves while you’re waiting for slower growing crops like leeks or cabbages.

We recommend you sow seeds directly in shade and keep moist. Alternatively Watercress Aqua can be grown in pots placed in a large saucer of water.

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