San Antonio 14in All Weather Basket


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14 inch hanging basket, woven with weatherproof rattan and pre-lined for optimum soil and moisture retention.

Pack Contents: 1x 14in Hanging Basket


  • Natural rattan material, beautiful woven
  • Pre-lined to keep in moisture in for healthy roots
  • Hanging chains included
  • Reusable basket to use again and again
  • H18cm, diameter 35cm

Add the 14 inch diameter San Antonio All Weather Basket Round made with rattan material; robust, weather-proof and natural. This hanging basket sees the home-grower through all seasons so is ideal to plant up with bedding, summer tumbling tomatoes or strawberries and/or herb plants.

With inside liner the soil in your generous-sized basket stays nice and moist which is ideal for the roots of your plants. Healthy roots encourage healthy plants which are more prone to flowering profusely and creating bigger, stronger stems.

With generous 35cm (14in) diameter there is enough room to fill your basket with 12-15 young plants; this number ensures you get impressive flower and crop displays for baskets that don’t look out of place at a county or flower show.

Including hanging chains you are able to plant up and hang up your hanging basket right away. It arrives at your door ready to plant up. We recommend that you fill your basket with a soil suitable for container plants and consider a high-potash feed once your plants start to flower.