Peckish Secret Garden Wall Feeder and Dual Feeder Pack


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A great-value bird feeding kit of two feeders, one you can mount on a wall and the other you can hook on a branch

Pack Contents: 1x Wall Feeder & 1x Dual Feeder


  • SAVE £10 when you buy the Secret Garden Wall Feeder and Dual Feeder together
  • Three feeding stations in two strong metal feeders
  • Multiple perches so birds can feed at any one time
  • Wall-mounted and hook feeders
  • With attractive verdigris finish
  • 5cm Secret Garden Wall Feeder and 25cm Secret Garden Dual Feeder

Enjoy adding two decorative and ornate bird feeders to your outdoor space with the Secret Garden Wall Feeder and Dual Feeder double pack. The unique leaf-pattern decorative design is extra ornamental and both your feeders take your favourite seed mixes or cereals.

With generous bottom tray both your feeders allow multiple birds to feed at any one time. Not only is watching the antics of your garden birds a pleasure to see you are helping to up their chances of survival with feeders they can rely on for life-saving food.

Place your Dual Feeder over a branch or purpose-made hook to suit and mount your wall feeder on wall opposite a garden bench or near a window so you can watch your birds come and go.