Shallot Sets Duo Pack - Spring


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Spring Planting Shallot Duo Pack One pack each of Golden Gourmet and Red Sun.

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 40x Shallot Sets, 20x Sets of Each Variety


Enjoy our Super Saver Shallot Duo Pack for growing on at home, taking in good nutrients from the soil for flavoursome bulbs:

You receive 40 shallot sets;

20 x 'Red Gourmet' sets - This is a very aromatic shallot with a lovely sweet taste. Superb for cooking where it adds great flavour to many dishes. It has attractive coppery-brown skin and sweet pink flesh.

20 x 'Golden Gourmet' sets - An attractive variety with golden skin and a fresh,crisp taste. Perfect for light and flavoursome summer dishes.

We recommend that you plant in early spring for an earlier harvest in summer. Grow in direct soil or a raised bed or Trug where the soil will warm up quicker for faster growth.

Growing Calendar

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Plant Outdoors

How to Guide

Hardening Off/Planting Out

Plant as soon as possible in spring, just pushing into the soil, 6/in/15cm apart. Each bulb planted will split to yield several shallots.