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The Archway Ground Feeder is ideal for ground-feeding species such as dunnocks, robins and blackbirds which naturally like to feed at ground level and not from hanging feeders.

Pack Contents: 1x Watching Hide


Follow in the footsteps of wildlife presenter and naturalist Simon King OBE with this Ultimate Wildlife Hide and take your wildlife spotting to the next level.

This is a fully-featured, speedy pop-up hide made from strong, weatherproof camouflage polyester for impressive performance.

Enough room inside for a seat without moving the outside of the hide which can scare birds away. So enjoy a hot drink while viewing your favourite wildlife.

This hide is the top-prize winner for three photographic magazines already proving its worth in the world of wildlife spotting and photography.

Here are its features;

Twin viewports on all windows giving porthole and wide cinematography options on all four sides.

Low level dual-window camera port at rear to spot ground birds, great for game bird watching.

Base corner flaps you can weigh down with stones on either the inside or outside. Note- this doesn’t contain a ground sheet, as its primary function is that of a hide rather than a tent.

Double-sided zip pulls allowing opening & closing from inside or out. Extra weather protection and easy viewing.

Zips and guy ropes are colour-matched for camouflage so the wildlife you spot doesn’t get spooked.

Silent cord pulls on all zip toggles to keep wildlife at peace.

Strong pegs and robust frame carbon fibre poles you can trust for durability.

Extra strength material to prevent 'stitch rip'

Convenient carry bag

Simon King's 40 years of experience of watching birds and wildlife from hides has led to him knowing all the features you would need in this Ultimate Wildllife Hide.

A percentage of sales from this hide goes towards The Simon King Wildlife Project, a charity which concentrates on re-wilding degraded habitats for wildlife.

Dimensions: 2sqm (6 ½ sq ft)

In carry bag: Diameter 26cm (10 ½ in), Depth 15cm (6in)