Slugs Away Wool Pellets


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Deter crop garden pests slugs and snails the natural way with these wool pellets. Organic and natural means of keeping these garden pests at bay.

Pack Contents: 1x 3.5L Bag of Pellets


  • Keeps snails and slugs away from your favourite flowers and home-grown crops
  • Great slug-deterring mulch
  • Suitable for fruit, flowers and vegetables
  • Safe to us around children, pets and wildlife
  • Effective, rain or shine
  • Biodegradable
  • Frost-protecting insulation
  • 5 litre bag

These natural wool pellets keep slugs and snails off your prize plants. The perfect solution for organic gardeners; no synthetic chemicals are involved with this wool and fertiliser product. Slugs and snails hate this material to creep over and so they keep well away.

Perfect for providing a slug barrier around your favourite flowers in container displays. If growing much-loved hostas or crops like salad leaves this mat does just the job to keep these plants in top condition.

Safe to use in a garden or on plots where children and pets play you can rest assured that your outdoor space is a safe and enjoyable environment.