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Small Plot Potato Collection includes a salad, a first early and a second early for an extended cropping period. 15 tubers of each Charlotte, Desiree and Wilja

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  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 45x Potato Tubers, 15x of Each Variety plus 800g Tub of Potato Fertiliser


If you have a small garden or want to try growing potatoes for the first time then this pack is for you.

Your Small Plot Potato Collection includes a Salad, a First Early and a Second Early type for an extended cropping period- months of potatoes suitable for a range of dishes from potato gratin to jackets with crispy skins.

This collection contains 15 tubers of each Charlotte, Swift and Wilja. You shall also receive a 800g tub of Pre-Planting Potato Fertiliser to ensure you get the very best from your crop!

'Charlotte' produce an excellent crop of uniform shallow-eyed, long-oval tubers 50% bigger than other salad varieties. Tender creamy-yellow flesh remains very firm and has a mouth-watering flavour hot or in salads! Our favourite salad potato and regularly recommended by top chefs!

'Desiree' Favoured by home-growers and cooks alike Desiree is a main-crop red potato that melts in the mouth thanks to its consistency on cooking; with contrasting yellow flesh it makes mash to die for and those red skins crisp up beautifully when baked.

'Wilja' are an excellent second early, general purpose and boiling potato, with yellow, firm oval tubers. Gives high yields with good disease.

We recommend you grow these varieties in GroSacks. You don't need a designated bed- just a sunny spot on your patio or balcony and they'll thrive to give you handsome harvests without you having to sacrifice too much outdoor space.

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