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Understand the temperature of your soil in your garden with ease with our ground soil thermometer. Understanding the temperature of your soil helps you keep it at the optimum temperature.  

Pack Contents: 1x soil thermometer


  • Gain accurate readings of your soil
  • Protected in a steel case
  • Get readings both in Celsius and Fahrenheit

Our soil thermometer provides you with a quick and accurate understanding of the temperature of your soil. An accurate thermometer is perfect for helping you keep your soil at the optimal temperature for growing seeds and young plants. In particular your soil thermometer is ideal for heated seed beds, and Mushroom growing.

Your new thermometer can provide you with a reading in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and is also mercury free. This means that you don’t have to worry about coming into contact with mercury and it having any adverse effects on your health and of course the environment.

Protected by a cast of tough steel that surrounds the glass reading tube, the tough steel creates a rigid prodding spike to push easily into the soil. This is supported by a plastic squared off handle at the top of the thermometer for easy insert and removal. The glass reading tube can provide you with readings up to 100 degrees Celsius / 20 Degrees Fahrenheit.