Split Bamboo Screen 3m


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Use this Split Bamboo Screen as a great-value way of dividing up your outdoor plot. It makes a great lower fence to create boundaries and makes an effective screen for reducing noise pollution, creating privacy, and forming perimeter enclosures.

Pack Contents: 1x 3m Roll

Size: Length: 3m (10ft), Height: 1m (3.5ft)


  • Divide your garden into sections simply and cheaply
  • Make boundaries and enclosures in minutes
  • Filters out noise pollution

This metre-high Split Bamboo Screen is both robust and natural, to separate sections of your allotment or garden. It makes an effective and low-cost divider to screen out noise and provide you the privacy you require.

If you need a budget way of creating perimeter fences around your garden this Split Bamboo Screen is just perfect. Just add multiple packs to increase the screening area to fit the size of your garden or plot. At great-value it easy and efficient to make boundaries on the plot quickly without emptying the wallet.

Useful Tip:

Partition sections of your garden with this natural screen that complements the look of your outdoor space perfectly. Putting up a perimeter fence around your kitchen garden or allotment is an effective way to keep mammals like rabbits, badgers and deer off your edible crops too.