Spring Onion Heat Prepared Collection


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Enjoy onion sets of pink Rose Gold, white New Fen Globe and red Marshalls Red Fen, heat-prepared so your onions don’t go to seed.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Disease resistant
  • Bolt resistant
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: Approx. 225x Sets, 75x of Each Variety


  • Less than 6p for every onion-giving set
  • 225 planting sets in total
  • Collection of red, pink and white onions
  • Heat-prepared so onions don’t bolt
  • Perfect for spring-planting in heavy soils
  • Resistant to variable British summers
  • Planting sets arrive to you in breathable bags

Get this great-value collection of onions: you enjoy one bag each of approx. 75 planting sets of varieties red onion Marshalls Red Fen, white onion Marshalls New Fen Globe and pink onion Rose Gold for 225 sets in total.

Marshalls Red Fen:

Deep-red colour with a good flavour: great for salads, mint sauces and in casseroles

Marshalls New Fen Globe:

Gives a heavier crop than lots of other onion varieties when it comes to harvest-time in late summer and early autumn

Pink Rose:

Scores high marks both in the kitchen and outdoors during the growing process

Gently heated over the winter all your sets will develop into healthy plants giving big strong bulbs at harvest time. The heating discourages your plants to go to seed. If your onion plants go to seed this can hamper growth of the bulbs.

Spring-planting onions like these are perfect to plant in heavy soils; the onion sets produce leaves regardless. Happy to grow in planters, containers or raised beds your New Spring Planting HP Onion Collection is great for small plots and large plots alike.

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