Spring Planting Onion Duo Pack (Autumn Gold and Red Fen)


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Plant these Spring Planting Onion Duo Pack (Autumn Gold and Red Fen) in a pot glasshouse to produce an earlier crop. When large enough, grow them in your plot and harvest superb crops.

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 150 Onion Sets / Approx. 75 Sets of Each Variety


Get hold of a great-value duo pack of a couple of the best spring-planting onions to mail-order.

You receive 150 planting sets; 75 of each variety for a handsome supply of home-grown bulbs from summer and storing into autumn and winter.

Onion Marshalls Autumn Gold - Have a smoother, rounder shape to original strains so it can be easily cut and prepared with little waste. A big improvement on our original strain, Autumn Gold Improved has an excellent flavour. Enjoy the glossy and attractive skin-finish, so superior in appearance it will impress show judges.

Onion Marshalls Red Fen - A clear winner in our trials, Marshalls Red Fens Onion Sets performance was excellent. It has a round shape and a deep-red colour with a good flavour. It stores well and because it is heat prepared is more resistant to bolting.

We recommend you grow these varieties if you have particularly heavy soil. The spring and summer warmth will warm up the soil which the roots will thrive in, giving you superior bulbs.

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