Square Raised Bed Standard Planter 1.2m


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Add raised beds to your plot to control the soil temperature which makes your crops develop bigger and better. The soil in your raised bed warms up quicker in the spring which plant roots will appreciate, giving you a head start.

Pack Contents: 1x Full 1.2m Raised Bed Kit


  • Makes crop rotation easier
  • Warms soil quicker for earlier harvests
  • Wood from well-managed forests
  • Pressure-treated to increase durability for more than 10 years
  • Height: 15cm, width: 1.2m, depth: 1.2m

Get hold of raised beds to create a cosy home for your crops. These raised beds allow the soil within to warm up quicker which stimulates roots into action so they take up water and nutrients quicker which encourage strong stem growth and successful crops.

The soil is raised beds can be worked more easily than in direct soil; the soil drains better, helpful for when growing carrots and other root vegetables. Raised beds allow easy crop rotation too; the clear demarcation of what you grow where is an asset to you, the home grower.

This Standard Raised Bed 1.2m is made from strong redwood timber sourced from well-managed Scandinavian forests. Every piece of wood in your pack is pressure-treated so increase its durability for 10 years+.

Made from PEFC certified timber.

Useful Tip:

Included in your pack are four-way corner posts and pre-drilled screw holes which takes away the awkward measuring and guesswork to give you peace of mind and maximum convenience. All screws are included; we would recommend you construct your raised beds with the help of an assistant.