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Sow these Squashkin Seeds under protection to give them all they need. Plant out into final position when big enough and watch them yield amazing crops of tasty, fresh and healthy produce.

Pack Contents: 10x Squash Seeds


Overall winner in our trial, Squashkin showed excellent results in all respects.

This unique exclusive variety is a direct cross between Pumpkin Crown Prince and a Butternut Squash that has inherited the very best qualities from each.

  • Bright orange flesh that is aromatic with a delicate melon scent
  • Fine, very sweet flavours and excellent when roasted
  • Similar shape to Crown Prince (but slightly smaller)
  • Skin colour and texture of a classic Butternut Squash
  • Excellent storing characteristics of both its parents

There's no doubt that Squashkin will become a major
Marshalls success, both in the garden and the kitchen.

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