Sweet Pea Rainbow Collection Propagator & Snips


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Our Sweet Pea New Varieties Collection includes 6 packets of seeds, one each listed below, PLUS a Sweet Pea Growers Propagator Kit which includes the Sweet Pea Book, Sweet Pea Feed PLUS the Micro-Snips, worth over £31.00!

Pack Contents: 6x Packs of 20 Seeds, 1x of Each Variety & 1x Full Propagator Kit

Height: 1.8m / 70in


Our Sweet Pea Rainbow Collection includes 6 packets of seeds, one each listed below with a Sweet Pea Growers Propagator Kit which includes Unwins Micro Snips & Sweet Pea Feed, worth over £24.00!

The Windowsill Propagator includes:

Robust black base L68cm x W21.5cm x H20cm.
8 x 9cm Cell Seed Trays perfect for sweet pea seeds which grow deeper roots.
8 x Capillary Mats which prevent both under-watering and over-watering.
2 x 2ltr Gro-Sure All Purpose Compost gives the best results for seed germination.
8 x ‘Push-In’ Plastic Labels, great for seed rows.
Weather-proof, UV Stable White Marker Pen with easy-to-remove ink.

Little Red Riding Hood - You can see from the enchanting blooms where this variety got its name! With a powerful fragrance this variety has all the traits of a fantastic sweet pea giving great garden performance and lovely cut flowers for vases indoors.

Cupid Mix - A very compact semi-trailing sweet pea, perfect for the patio, growing in containers, hanging baskets and in borders. Strongly scented, it is ideal for areas where space is limited.

Cream Eggs - A modern Grandiflora type of sweet pea – which means more bold flowers and more scent. The luxurious cream petals have a purple edge which changes to vivid blue with age. Perfect for cutting too and bringing indoors to add delicious sweet pea scent to the house.

Misty Mountains - A sophisticated mix of whites, blues and purples. Brings a touch of elegance and charming fragrance to the flower border. Great for cut flowers to bring the wonderful scent indoors. With cutting some of the flowers you’ll encourage your plants to produce more and more.

Berry Kiss - Colours of the ripest summer fruits, this variety is sweetly scented and make fantastic cut flowers for an indoor vase display. Excellent cut-flower variety. Grow this variety up a sunny wall or scrambling up an established evergreen tree or shrub to give some colour in the summer months.

Mary Lou Heard -A beautiful climbing lilac-purple sweet pea flower, charming in its simplicity and beautifully fragrant. Named in memory of keen gardener and much-loved mum Mary Lou Heard. Heirloom type.

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20cm / 8in