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Tadpole Food for Six Weeks+

Natures Grub

Catalogue Code: 2600115

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Encourage tadpoles to keep healthy and well-nourished with this expertly formulated Tadpole Food for tadpoles six weeks and older

Pack Contents: 1x 80g Tub


  • Specially formulated for the diets of developing tadpoles
  • Feed when back legs develop
  • Perfect ingredient balance of insect and plants
  • Easy-to-apply pellets
  • 80g resealable tub

Digestible pellets are perfect to enhance the diets of developing tadpoles after six weeks from hatching, just before they attain the froglet phase of their lifecycle. We recommend that you feed once or twice daily with a sprinkling of these pellets which sink to the bottom of the pond where tadpoles are happy to feed away from opportunistic predators like birds and fish.

After six weeks tadpoles start to develop limbs. Their food requirements alter to a mainly carnivorous diet and these specially-formulated nourishing pellets give them a small amount of plant extracts and cereals supporting a main mix of insect larvae and Daphnia water fleas. This diet helps their growth and keep them alert to predators as the tadpoles start to get use to their pond environment.

British amphibians that play an important role in our UK wildlife and ecosystem. They keep garden pest numbers down like slugs and decomposing dead matter. They are handy to have on the allotment and near to your vegetable plot.


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