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These Swirl Collection Sweet Pea Seeds will be wonderful located in containers, beds and borders in various parts of your garden. When these seeds have produced fully grown plants they’ll create an eye-catching display.

Key Features

  • Good for cutting
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 7 Packs of seed (140 seeds)


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Champagne Bubbles A superb variety for the vase! Beautifully shaped flowers are well ruffled with good fragrance. They have a unique colour of delicate lemon-cream flushed with amber. The amber colour deepens after cutting.

Sweet Pea Mars seeds are the ones to sow if you’re after high impact in your garden. The good scent and colour produced by this sweet pea make it a must have flake type for indoor displays. The perfect blend of red and white make Mars a high impact sweet pea that’s full of character. A well scented, striking red flake on white background, although photos never seem to do it justice but it’s guaranteed to make an impact in the garden.

Heaven Scent From its own perspective Heaven Scent will reward you with huge fancy blooms of creamy pinks.

Memories Superb purple-mauve flowers. This good garden variety combines the rich scent and flower form of old fashioned 'grandifloras' with the long stems of modern varieties.

Sweet Pea Jewel seeds produce plants that boasts perfect flowers on strong stems, it might be time to reserve your place on the show bench with this one! It’s a fairly recent introduction but this pink sweet pea is one of the best to grow, both as a lovely garden variety and for exhibiting.

Chance A Spencer sweet pea with an extremely eye-catching colour. This sweet pea is great for the garden but it is also perfect for exhibition with its long stems and a strong typical sweet pea perfume.

Royal Wedding One of the best whites. Creamy buds open to purest white, nicely waved blooms with a hint of cream at the edges. Beautifully scented and borne on long, vigorous stems.

General Advice Support young plants with canes, netting or trellis to about 180cm (6ft). Pick the blooms regularly to ensure a continuous supply. Do not chip the seeds nor soak them in water before sowing. Sept/Oct sowings produce the most vigorous and earliest flowering plants. Seedlings are best over-wintered in a cold frame or under cloches.