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Mini plum tomato variety that rewards you with mini orange plum tomatoes with glossy skins and big flavour

Key Features

  • F1 Hybrid variety
  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 3x Plants

Height: 1.5m (5ft)


  • Vibrant orange mini-plum variety with vibrant skin and full flavour
  • Scented tomato plants, great for greenhouses
  • Climbing type for space-saving
  • F1 generation hybrid for natural disease-resistance and vigour

Lizziebell is an orange mini-plum tomato perfect for home-growing under glass. Every plant offers you generous well-furnished trusses of tomatoes on plants with fragrant leaves and stems with that unique tomato plant smell, harking back to times gone by.

With F1 hybrid generation status tomato Lizziebell grows well – it’s in its genes - and is resistant to the most prevalent of greenhouse diseases for lots of tasty tomatoes over the summer that have perfect flesh and skin.

You receive three young plants arriving to your door in large letter blisters that'll fit through your letterbox, so your plants get the right ambience and the right soil to grow well while they are in transit from our nursery to your home.

We recommend that you feed Lizziebell plants when they come into flower.

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