Tomato Tropical Ruby F1 Hybrid Seeds (Bush)



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Sow these Tomato Tropical Ruby Seeds (Bush) in a greenhouse for best possible germination rates. With just a little care you’ll produce home grown beauties!

Key Features

  • F1 Hybrid variety
  • Perfect for pots and containers

Pack Contents: 15x Tomato Seeds


  • Grow indoors or outdoors
  • Extra vigorous
  • Produces lots of tomatoes on every truss

Small, superbly sweet baby plum tomatoes, forming in abundance on bush plants or cordon plants to your suiting, inside or out and every tomato has an excellent texture and flavour.

Grow tasty Tropical Ruby as a cordon plant if you have a greenhouse and means of support as the plant grow tall and upright. This fills your greenhouse with a lovely pleasant scent and you can pick tomatoes at waist height and above so you don’t crouch down so much.

If you want to grow tomatoes without the hassle of picking out side-shoots this versatile variety works well in pots, grown as a bush plant that requires no picking out. If you love the handy size of cherry tomatoes but the flavour of plum tomatoes this is the variety for you.

In every packet you receive 15 seeds for 15 plants giving you fruiting stems in abundance. Sowing and growing your own tomato Tropical Ruby is a great way to save money in the long run; this variety is a top-end variety in the supermarkets and has the price-tag to match.

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