Tree Mats 40cm


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Biodegradable mulch mats for fixing around trees. This keeps weeds away from the main stem so your tree can grow away happily and made of organic cocoa fibre keeps the soil warmer beneath so the roots respond more and develop quicker.

Pack Contents: 3x 40cm Tree Mats


  • Generous 40cm (16in) diameter
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Acts as a warming mulch
  • No need to trim grass around vulnerable stem

Get hold of these natural-look mats great for positioning around the base of the trunk of newly planted trees. The mats act as a warming mulch, which is great news for the roots. The roots respond better in warmer soil and provide a strong network to support growing stems from spring.

The mats allow you to mow the lawn and trim without you needing to get dangerously close to the vulnerable bark of young and newly planted trees. The cocoa fibres allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate through to the roots and the mats simultaneously keep weeds down so your prize tree gets all the nutrients and water for itself.

You can re-use your mats over again or place them on the compost heap where they will rot down fully and provide good carbon-rich material to keep your heap well balanced with a good nitrogen to carbon ratio.

Useful tip:

Place your mats around newly-planted trees after you have given your trees a good generous water and feed. You can keep your mats firmly in place by piercing some pegs through the rims into the soil.