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Enjoy 12 bulbs of tulip Black Hero to fill your garden containers with near-black double peony-like tulips on strong stems. Every flower opens up to reveal a nest of shiny dark purple to black petals attractive to pollinating insects like bees.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Good for cutting
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 12x Tulip Bulbs

Height: 60cm / 24in


  • Attracts beneficial bees
  • Great for cut flowers
  • Peony-like blooms from April

Get hold of tulip Black Hero for dotting around the allotment edge or furnishing your garden with impactful and rare near-black flowers. Every bud opens up to make way for a crown of dark petals, evocative and attractive to pollinating bees and hoverflies which pollinate tomato and strawberry flowers.

Black Hero saves the day with flowers that are sure to turn heads in April and May. Planted with contrasting daffodils and yellow crown imperials it doesn’t take many of these flowers to really add impact to your garden or outdoor plot.

Useful tips:

If growing in containers we recommend you plant 12 bulbs for every 30cm (12in) pot and plant in a free-draining Bulb Compost where the bulbs overwinter happily before erupting into leaf then flower in spring.

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