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Watch your pot plants thrive as you move them around to follow the sun on this convenient and weatherproof caddy.

Pack Contents: 1x 13in Plant Caddy


Watch your favourite pot plants like patio fruit trees or soft fruit bushes prosper by placing them on this heavy duty green wire plant caddy. On this caddy you can move your pot around the patio or balcony with ease so that your plants get maximum sun through the day: perfect for patio trees like pomegranates and apricots which need on-going for ripe fruits. Alternatively use pots full of ornamental bedding and flowers that will appreciate the sun too.

Made from green heavy duty wire your caddy is fully weatherproof; in addition you get the best drainage when watering and no patio stains as your pot is lifted off the ground.

The wire of your caddy has been specially designed to hold your pot firmly, great for stability through windy, adverse or stormy weather.

  • Move pots around the patio or balcony simply
  • Prevents pots staining the patio
  • Allows efficient drainage
  • Made from green heavy duty wire
  • Holds pots to 15kg (3 ½ stone)
  • 12cm, 33cm diameter