Vegtrug Greenhouse Cover - Small


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Get this Micromesh Cover to provide an excellent protective environment for growing crops and seedlings, and keep pesky pests away. Easy to set up and access.

Pack Contents: 1x Small Greenhouse Micromesh Cover (Vegtrug not included)

Size: 65x179x42


Get this durable micromesh cover, to raise your crops and flowers in an ideal environment so they grow into healthy, robust and well-fruiting plants. Fits Small 1m Veg Trug.

The micro-mesh cover protects your crops against greenflies and mites, so you’re safe in the knowledge that your plants won’t get attacked by pesky pests.

Zip-up covers mean plants are easily accessible for watering and feeding, and removing once the plants are ready to move on. They also allow accurate ventilation and humidity control for all conditions.

Simple to set up and easy to access for an excellent environment for raising crops.

*Vegtrug not included.

Please note: You will need to buy the Small Greenhouse Frame and PE Cover for this product to fit your VegTrug