Vintage Style Peanut Feeder



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Keep squirrels off. Durable metal wire cage design. Peanut feeder has wire mesh to prevent young birds from choking on large peanut pieces.

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Size: H:31.5cm x W:28.5cm


  • Keep squirrels away without harming them
  • Keep larger birds away like woodpigeons and magpies
  • Durable metal wire cage design
  • Beautiful gift idea

Enjoy this ornate and practical feeder which feeds the small and quirky birds in your garden. Fill your feeder with peanuts or sunflower seeds and watch finches, tits and a host of other small birds, pretty and full of character.

The ornate outer cage keeps grey squirrels away without harming them and larger birds like wood pigeons and jackdaws away too.

With a large circular hook you can hook this pretty feeder onto window hooks or dining stations or even over small branches in trees.

Easy to fill and clean, just twist the lid on and off when you need to.

H: 29cm x 18cm diameter