Westland Big Tom Super Tomato Food



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Big Tom super tomato food is enriched with the essential nutrients for a tastier and bigger yield of tomatoes, giving you 20% bigger tomatoes, 16% more yield and 24% more vitamin C.

Pack Contents: 1x 1.95L Bottle (Makes 43L)


  • Get bigger, juicier tomatoes
  • With added nutrient-rich seaweed
  • With extra wetting agent for more nutrient uptake

Giving you 43 litres of ready-to-feed tomato liquid feed, high in potash for lots of flowers then fruit, and enriched with seaweed for luscious leaf growth which gives you stronger plants.

With Westland Big Tom Super Food 1.95 litre your tomatoes perform that one step better; they get that extra boost and a good source of nutrients. Just dilute concentrate in water as per the dose on the bottle and make Westland Big Tom Super Food part of the tomato-growing process.

We recommend you start feeding with Big Tom Super Food when the first flower trusses set (go to fruit) for indoor crops and when the second flower trusses set for outdoor crops. Avoid wetting the foliage, feeding specifically at the base of your tomato plants. This gives your plants better roots which in turn improves the anchorage of your plants.