Westland Bonsai Potting Mix 4L



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A potting mix ideal for bonsai plants including trees. Full of nutrients that are slow-releasing for on-going tree care.

Pack Contents: 1x 4L Bag


  • Ensure strong roots and healthy mature trees for your windowsill
  • Includes loam to retain nutrients
  • Free-draining for perfect moisture levels
  • Slow-releasing nutrients
  • With water-retaining Seramis mix
  • 4 litres bag

Literally meaning ‘plant on a plate’ you can look after trees and shrubs that are fully mature to display them on a windowsill thanks to their small size.

Get hold of this Potting Mix for the perfect soil in which to cultivate your bonsai. Because bonsais are mature they need a full set of nutrients despite their small size. The slow-release nature of these nutrients treats your plants to an on-going canopy of healthy leaves and healthy bark.

Loam allows the perfect balance of free-draining to moisture-retention so your plant roots are not saturated with water but treated to a healthy degree of moisture at all times.

Useful Tip:

Spray mist your trees daily when in active growth in the summer and treat to some fresh air. Keep indoors overnight over winter somewhere cool and place outdoors on sunny days.