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Westland Watering Indicator lets you know exactly when to water your plants. Perfect for indoor gardening and housplants

Pack Contents: 1x Indicator


  • Clear colour-change indicator for watering
  • Easy to pop in the soil
  • Great for houseplant growers starting out
  • Prevents under and overwatering

Make growing houseplants easy with this reliable watering indicator that turns from blue to red as your houseplants need water. A clear window on the indicator displays a red or blue screen; water your plants when it shows red and leave your plant be when the window is blue.

This clever piece of kit is ideal for those with green fingers that want to branch into indoor gardening. Cacti, forest plants and indoor ferns can be grown to the best showing off beautiful leaves and bright flowers when the soil has the perfect moisture level. With the Houseplant Watering Indicator a perfect soil moisture level is an instant possibility.

Useful Tip:

We recommend that you wipe your indicator clean daily for the most reliable colour-readings. Feed your houseplants when they are in active growth or in flower with Westland Houseplant Feed Concentrate.