Woodland Collection Paper Bag - 50 Bulbs


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Recreate a woodland setting with collection of shade loving, spring bulb varieties.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Good for cutting
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade
  • Prefers shade

Pack Contents: Gal Ikariae (Woronowii) x 9, Eranthis Cilicica x 6, Anemone Blanda Blue x 20, Hyacinthoides Non Scripta x 5, Narcissus W.P. Milner x 10


  • A collection of woodland favourites.
  • Shade loving and perfect for beds, borders and planters.
  • Can produce spectacular displays naturalised in grass and under trees.

A stunning collection of spring bulbs to bring a woodland feel to your outdoor space.

These shade loving beauties will provide interest and bring colours to dark corners from spring to early summer, providing colour and drama to any border or container.

Contains Galanthus Ikariae (Woronowii), Eranthis Cilicica. Anemone Blanda Blue, Hyacinthoides Non Scripta and Narcissus W.P. Milner.

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