Carrot Seeds - Resistafly F1 Hybrid


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Carrot Resistafly seeds are an early Nante-type carrot with excellent protection from carrot fly. Expect a heavy crop of long, well coloured smooth roots from this outstanding variety.

Key Features

  • F1 Hybrid variety
  • Disease resistant
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 800x Carrot Seeds

Size: Sufficient for 35ft / 10m Row


  • Grow- blemish-free carrots
  • Great for the organic grower
  • Heavy crops for winter long harvests

Beat Carrot Fly! To achieve a wonderful crop of carrots free of unsightly markings or larvae of carrot fly, it's worth taking simple precautions. Carrot 'Resistafly' F1 hybrid has a good resistance to carrotfly which can plague your well-deserved carrots when you least expect it.

Expect a heavy crop of long, well-coloured smooth roots from this outstanding variety. Every seed packet contains 800 seeds so you can see the savings you make growing from seed rather than buying carrots in plastic wrap at the supermarket.

Grow 'Resistafly' with its natural resistance to carrotfly, ideal for gardeners who prefer not to use chemicals.

We recommend you cover seeds with Marshalls Carrot and Cabbage Insect Net straight after sowing as an extra layer of protection and to keep other pesky bugs away. Sow after 1st June to avoid first-generation flies.

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