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A Handy Guide To Our Plant Sizes

We have a variety of different plant and bulb sizes, so there is something for every gardener, we have listed all our varieties and our dimensions refer to the size of the pot your plant comes in. Our handy guide will help you to find out which plant size is best for your needs to make sure you get the most out of your plants.

Fruit & Vegetable Plants


These are our Onion and Leeks plants, grown in plug trays in their own cells. Well rooted and with good sized top growth, these seedlings are ready to be planted straight into their final position, no need to harden off or pot on for later planting.

Super Seedlings

Many of our Brassicas, Salads, Peas, Beans and Sweetcorn come in this size. Larger than a seedling, these have been grown in individual plugs with established root systems and their first true leaves appearing. Ready to be planted in their final position, no need to harden off or grown on. 

Super Plugs

A wide range of our varieties come in this size, including Tomatoes, Chilli and Peppers, Cucumbers and Courgettes. Grown in individual cells with a bio-degradable membrane will break down in the soil, no need to remove before planting. These are large plugs than our other sizes and can be planted straight into their final position or pot and grow on to form larger plants that can be planted later in the season. Protect from frost if necessary.

Garden Ready

Supplied in trays of 12, these plants give you our most mature plug size, they are quick to establish and are available all season long. Simply ease the individual plugs out by pushing the base of the tray to release the plant. Ready to plant out with no need to pot on or harden off.

7cm Grafted Veg

Grafted plants are created by joining together two different plant varieties, typically by attaching the stem of one onto the root system of another. This process allows for desirable traits, such as disease resistance or better fruit production, to be combined into a single plant

9cm Pot

Much more established and larger plants than our plug ranges, ready to plant out straight away, these will establish quickly and produce flower and fruit much quicker than smaller plugs. Protect from frost if required.

13cm Pot

Already a substantial plant with many already developed flowers or even early on-set of fruit if the season has been early. Great for filling in gaps or plating into patio containers.

9cm - 10L Fruit Trees & Plants

Our fruit comes in a wide range of sizes to suits your style and budget. 9cm grower pots are young plants offering great value and will need to be potted in larger pots to grow on. Plants in 1L to 5L grower pots are more mature and can be planted straight into their final position. The larger pots are more mature plants, which will produce more fruit in their first season. Our 10L fruit trees are already 3 years old and pruned to give a good head shape for increased fruit production.

Pre-Rooted Plants

New and innovative way to buy garlic and onions. These are pre-rooted on the nursery to ensure stronger bulbs and earlier establishment, resulting in earlier and larger crops

Flowering Plants


Supplied in trays of 20’s, seedlings offer great value for money and purchasing at this stage of growth helps when time or space is at a premium. They’ve been started off for you in specialist conditions where heat and humidity controls are needed for optimum plant growth and health. Delivered at the right time of year for growing success, when your plants arrive, simply pot them on and continue growing indoors, before hardening off and planting out in summer.

Super Plugs

Super plugs are larger than seedlings, they have more developed roots so they are stronger and establish faster. Available in select bedding collections, they are cutting raised, which means they come from cuttings and not seeds.This growing process can help create superior plants with many positive attributes including longer flowering times and uniformity. On arrival, pot on, growing indoors, before hardening off and planting out in summer.

Garden Ready Sweet Peas

Grown in peat free compost, these are ready to plant out on arrival. Each tray contains 12 cells of multi-sown seedlings containing over 50 plants in total. These can be split up, however, we advise planting each plug as it comes. Sown at our nursery, your plants have been pruned to encourage new growth which produces extra shoots for more flowers.

Garden Ready Bedding

Supplied in trays of 12 and the largest of our plugs, Garden ready bedding plants are seed raised and will be sent to you at the perfect time for planting. They have been grown on, to a size where they are ready to plant straight out. Bursting into life, If they have not yet begun to flower, it will only be a short time before they do.

Garden Ready Perennials

The largest of our plug plants, garden ready perennials can be planted straight into your garden. Our range is developed from seed raised, cutting and tissue culture to bring you a selection of the very best varieties including RHS AGM winners. Plant in groups of 3’s and 5’s for great displays.

7cm-10L Potted Shrubs

Trees, shrubs, perennials and climbers come in a range of pot sizes. Available through the year, they will be sent to you well packed for plant protection during transit. The appearance of your plant will vary depending on the season in which they are purchased. As a rule of thumb, the larger the pot, the larger the plant growth. Each increase in pot size means roughly another year’s growth for better instant impact.

Bulbs in the green

These are flowering bulbs that are sent out to be planted whilst they are actively growing, this is typically when their foliage has already emerged and often after flowering. This ensures better establishment and quicker growth compared to planting dormant bulbs, leading to more successful and vibrant displays of blooms in the garden. They are responsibly sourced from reputable suppliers and can be planted straight into their final location.

Shop by July 4th to lock in summer savings!

Bare Root

Several of our plants come supplied as bare roots. Despite appearances, they are alive and well. They have been previously grown in the ground and lifted when dormant throughout the winter months, so that when you receive them they are strong, full of energy and ready to be planted out. This is our most economical way to buy many plant varieties including roses, strawberries, trees and bushes. Soak well prior to planting in their final position.

Seed Potatoes

Specially selected and certified for health and quality. Potatoes are sold bagged by weight (usually 1kg and 2kg) so the count may vary slightly.

Onions, Shallots & Garlic

Onions and Shallots are supplied as ‘Sets’ which are seed raised small bulbs and can be planted straight away or rooted in modules for better establishment. Garlics are supplied as whole bulbs and will need splitting into individual cloves, as you would when cooking. As with the sets, these can be planted straight away or rooted in modules.

Bulbs, Tubers, Corms & Rhizomes

These come in a variety of forms, depending on the plant type, and are supplied in a dormant state. They are available only at the optimum time for planting. Where possible we choose the top size and quality grading to help ensure plants will produce great blooms from their first year. On arrival, pot up and keep in a frost-free area or plant into their final position once the risk of frost has passed.

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