Care & advice for your June garden



This is truly a glorious month to enjoy your garden

With sunny days encouraging borders to flourish with early summer blooms, & annuals on displaying a mosaic of colour, with the vegetable patch ready to harvest.

Ponds & wildlife habitats are also incredibly busy with youngsters, fledglings & the odd toad. So while enjoying your garden, find our quick guide to care for your green oasis at the peak of its glory.

Essential Jobs for June


Water hanging baskets & flower planters at the coolest time of day.
Also feed flowering potted plants fortnightly with a high-potash feed.


In June grass is growing fast, so mow the lawn regularly & dig out dandelions & thistles.
Treat bare patches with a lawn patch treatment.


Open greenhouse & polytunnels in the morning for ventilation & apply shading.
Keep these spaces shaded & clean throughout summer.


Check for vine weevil larvae that feed on plants & fruits, particularly found in pots & containers.  
Tackle thes critters with a natural Vine Weevil Control.​


Perennials provide flowers in our gardens year after year, & some varieties can grow very tall, sometimes leaning or toppling to the side.  
Use a support to prop these graceful giants, & help keep your perennials looking great throughout summer.


Tulips look splendid right now & once the foliage has died down they can be lifted & stored in trays in a dry place out of direct sunlight to ripen until re-planting in the autumn time.
Make sure they dry out properly before storing away. Find out more about Tulip Aftercare.


Once wisteria has finished flowering, prune along side shoots back to fifth or sixth set of leaves from the main branches, to encourage flower buds for the following spring.
Keep a pair of loppers or a pruning saw close for older plants with developed thick branches.


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Flowers & Borders


Bring instant colour to your garden and fill your borders or pots with flowering annuals like cosmos and nicotiana.
Shop the range to view what you can plant now with our ready to plant & garden plugs, flowering all summer long.


Many climbers will be displaying spectacular, sweetly scented flowers as well as attractive foliage & will require tying to support these fabulous flowers as they grow.
Why not check out what you can plant out in June.


Now is the time to plant water lilies in ponds, as well as marginal plants like marsh marigolds and flag irises.
Add barley straw to clear water of algae & blanket weed.
Find all you need for a clean lush pond.

& Bushes

For fuchsias pinch out the growing tips for an abundance of flowers.  
Prune deciduous magnolias once the plant is in full leaf.
See the range of shrubs you can plant out this month.

& Sweetpea

Ensure to deadhead roses & pick sweet peas to encourage flowering.
Support sweet peas with vertical support for quicker growth.
Feed with a fertiliser every few weeks such as a potash-rich tomato feed available now.

Vegetable & Fruits

Hoe & Weed

Hoe beds on dry days to keep the weeds under control, taking care not to damage the roots of your plants. Pull or fork out large more persistent weeds.
Why not grab the right tools to help to keep your beds, borders and patios looking great to cultivate the soil and control weeds.


If your plum or cherry trees need pruning, now is the right time to do it, while they’re in active growth.
A pair of hand pruners are essential or even a pair of loppers or a pruning saw for those hardier thick branches. Find the perfect tools for the job here.

Fruit Bush
& Carrots

Net fruit bushes and strawberries once the fruit starts to develop, to stop the birds.
Cover carrots with netting to protect them from carrot fly.
Shop netting to protect your garden from pests.

Potatoes &

Dig up and enjoy the last of the early potatoes, and keep earthing up maincrops.
Harvest onions & garlic once leaves turn yellow & flop over.
Check out our growing tips for much more information.

Plant Out

Harden off & plant tender vegetables such as pumpkins, squashes and outdoor tomatoes.
Pinch out side shoots on cordon tomatoes.
View our guide for more tips on a successful bounty.

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