Tomato Seeds

Tomatoes, often considered the most rewarding of vegetables, are a delight to grow from seeds. They thrive in gardens of all sizes, as long as they bask in a warm, sheltered spot. Choosing the right tomato variety is key, tailored to your available space and location.

For a bountiful harvest between July and October, sow your tomato seeds between February and April. Explore the art of growing your own tomatoes with our comprehensive 'how to grow tomatoes' guide.

Tomato plants come in two main types: cordon and bush (indeterminate and determinate), each offering a range of shapes and sizes. Cherry varieties make for tasty snacks and lunchbox treats, while plum varieties, with their oval shape and few seeds, are perfect for cooking. Salad varieties are versatile, medium-sized, and round, while beefsteak varieties are prized for their juicy, flavourful characteristics. Discover the world of tomatoes at Marshalls and elevate your garden's culinary possibilities!

Tomato Seeds
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