Garden Pest Control

Keep your garden healthy and inviting all year round with the extensive garden pest control collection from Marshalls Garden. Whether you need to control slugs or snails, deter rodents, treat fungus or get rid of harmful insects, we've got you covered.

Our pest and disease accessories for the garden are as varied as your needs. We have shrub protectors such as slug and snail killer and plant disease spray to keep flowers blooming bright throughout the season. You'll also find chafer grub treatment for damaged lawns and other insect pest control products for trees, hedges and your fruit and veg patch. For safe and effective wildlife management, take a look at our range of animal repellents.

Gardeners who steer clear of chemicals will love our organic product offering which includes pet-friendly slug repellent, nematodes, copper barrier tape and bio-degradable brassica collars. We also sell crop protection covers and grow tunnels to safeguard your most vulnerable plants.

Browse our full selection of garden pest control products below to solve your common gardening problems.

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Garden Pest Control
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Garden pest control FAQs

Unsure which products are best for you? Browse some of the frequently asked questions we receive relating to garden pest control. For general gardening queries, take a look at our main FAQs page or contact us today.

What are the most common garden pests?

Slugs and snails often top lists of most troublesome garden pests, closely followed by vine weevils, box tree caterpillars and various types of aphids and mites.

Slugs and snails will eat holes in crops and ornamental plants while box tree caterpillars will strip leaves completely. Aphids are responsible for sucking the sap from plants, leaving them dull and distorted and vulnerable to viruses. Mites use a similar method to draw fluids from leaves.

You can use garden insect repellent to help keep your outdoor plants pest-free. Our products are tailored to each particular pest for optimum results every time.

Chafer grubs can also be a problem. While some feed on decaying plant matter and can be left well alone, other species eat grass roots which leads to chafer grub lawn damage. You can use a chafer grub treatment on your grass to keep your soil clear of these common garden pests.

What are the most prevalent plant diseases?

According to a recent RHS ranking of prevalent plant diseases, fruit trees are most at risk of developing problems. This is largely due to distress caused by climate change
which leaves them more susceptible to disease and fungus.

The most prevalent plant diseases are therefore largely fruit-tree-specific and include:

  • Honey fungus – identifiable by its dramatic symptoms that include bleeding bark
  • Phytophthora root rot – a soil-based disease that affects a wide variety of plants
  • Brown rot of fruit
  • Peach leaf curl
  • Apple and pear scab

Are slug pellets banned in the UK?

In 2021, the UK government banned sales of Metaldehyde which was the main pesticide in traditional slug pellets. However, you can still buy slug pellets in the UK.

Modern slug killer is made from ferric phosphate, which is equally effective but less harmful to birds and other wildlife. This slug and snail killer is approved for use in organic gardens too.

Other slug repellents are also available if you're looking for a pet-friendly slug killer or would prefer not to use pellets. These include but are not limited to:

  • Crushed shells
  • Slug barriers
  • Nematodes
  • Chemical-free tape

Do most gardens have rats?

Rats are a problem for most homeowners. They have a large, widespread population and are attracted to the food, water and shelter that your garden provides.

If you see a rat in your garden, it's best to act quickly to prevent them from settling. We offer a variety of rat repellents for the garden including mouse traps, rat killers and sonic devices which emit a frequency that's unpleasant for rodents.

Other top tips for preventing rats in your garden are:

  • Use hanging bird feeders instead of putting out ground seed
  • Keep the garden tidy to minimise places providing cover
  • Change the layout of your pots and patio furniture
  • Block access to decking and garden buildings
  • Cover your compost bin

Why buy garden pest control products from Marshalls Garden?

We have 70 years of experience in helping others to achieve their gardening aims. Our team of experts are always on hand to provide solutions to your problems and you can read our growing guides for easy-to-follow advice on plant management.

Do you have questions about our products and services or gardening in general? We're available to chat Monday to Saturday, so don't hesitate to get in touch for answers, tips and tricks.

All of our plants, garden pest control products and other accessories come with express delivery as standard, dispatched within three working days if they're 'in stock' online.

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