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BTO Summer Raffle 2020

Play now in the BTO Raffle!

Our friends in the BTO are running a prize draw to help support our garden birds and wildlife. As a charity they rely on the generosity of birdwatchers like you.

Funds raised from the raffle will help them to better understand how to help garden birds and other wildlife.

Draw closes at 11:59 pm on the 2nd of September.

Enter now by clicking the link below.

Our partnership with the
British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)

We’re delighted to partner with BTO to bring together our collective expertise on gardening, plants and garden wildlife, so that you can get the most out of your garden. BTO, which is a leading wildlife charity and research organisation, also supports us with our growing range of information on birds, their behaviour and how to attract them to your garden. Grow with us and make your garden rich in wildlife.

What is the BTO?

The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) is a UK charity that is inspired by birds and informed by science. It works to advance our understanding of how and why bird populations change, so that effective conservation action can be taken to secure their future in a changing world.

To learn more about BTO and its work, visit

How-to Guides

How to make
a Bird House

How to make
a Seed Feeder

How to make
a Terracotta Bird Feeder

How to keep
Bird Feeders Clean

How to choose
a Bird Table

How to choose
a Nestbox

How to feed
Wild Birds

How to choose
Bird Food

Why Wild Birds
need Water

Guides to British Wild Bird Species

Guide to
the Blackbird

Guide to
the Blue Tit

Guide to
the Coal Tit

Guide to
the Great Tit

Guide to
the House Sparrow

Guide to
the Woodpigeon

Seasonal Wild Bird Care Guides

Caring for Wild Birds
in Spring

Caring for Wild Birds
in Summer

Caring for Wild Birds
in Autumn

Caring for Wild Birds
in Winter

Activities for Children

Bird Spotting Guide

Colouring Sheets

Make a Bird Cake

Build your own Bug Palace