How to Make
A Homemade Seed Bird Feeder

Do you want to start attracting birds to the garden and have some creative flair?

Well, our guide on how to make homemade birdfeeders is sure to keep you busy as well as encouraging some feathered friends to your garden.
You can add different seeds in, depending which species you’d like to attract.
For example, Goldfinches love Nyjer seeds, whereas the sunflower seed is favoured by species like Nuthatches and Woodpeckers; while Robins love mealworms!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Bird food of your choice

Cookie cutters 

Twine / string

Baking tray




2 x bowls


Step 1.

Place your block of lard into a microwaveable bowl and set the microwave going until it’s melted down. If you’d prefer, you can melt it on the hob in a pan.

Pour in a good amount of bird food, mixing as you go. Don’t pour to much in to start with as you want to make sure there’s enough lard to help it stick together!

Step 2.

Position your cookie cutters onto a baking tray or other flat surface. Carefully spoon the mixture in, compacting it down as much as possible to keep the shape sturdy.

Use the pencil to poke a defined hole through the top of your feeder.

Step 3.

Pop the tray of feeders in the fridge to set overnight.

The next morning, pop your shapes out of their cutters.

Step 4.

Cut a length of sturdy string or garden twine and thread and knot through the hole.

Place your feeders outside, hanging from branches and fences.