Compost & Soil

Our wide range of compost includes multi-purpose for general gardening use as well as specialist ranges for growing specific types of fruit, veg, flowers, plants, shrubs and trees.

Top Compost & Soil Categories

Bulk Buy

We have compost for home and garden available in either half pallet or full pallet.

Peat-Free Compost

Peat-free compost is a totally natural and eco-friendly multipurpose compost.

Fruit & Vegetable Compost

Our Range of Fruit & Vegetable Compost offers the perfect balance of nutrients.

John Innes Compost

John Innes composts are ideal for long-term plant growth in pots and containers.

Soil & Lawn Dressings

Caring for your lawn is one of the most important tasks to carry out.

Multi-Purpose Compost

Multi-Purpose Compost is the perfect growing medium for all the garden.

Plant Specific Compost

To keep your lawn healthy new seeds should be sown to replace older grass.

Seed & Young Plant Compost

Seedlings need a light compost that they can easily push their way through.

Soil Additives & Improvers

Our range of Soil Improvers are great for adding a boost of nutrients to the soil.

Barks & Mulches

Barks and mulches serve many purposes, with the benefits reaching far beyond their immediate surroundings.


Container gardening is a great in small spaces, improve your existing soil, or garden where there is no soil at all.

Compost & Soil Advice

A Beginners Guide to Gardening

It’s so rewarding growing your own crops, with fresh and tasty produce harvested straight from your garden. But if you’re new to growing your own vegetables, you may be intimidated or unsure where to start or which crops to select.

Growing Guides

Explore our range of growing guides giving you helpful, friendly, expert advice on how to get success from your garden.

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