Spring Planting Garlic

Growing your own garlic is a straightforward and rewarding endeavour. Growing spring planting garlic is the perfect choice for beginners and seasoned gardeners. These low maintenance bulbs thrive in diverse settings, from open ground to raised garden beds, containers, and convenient grow bags.  

 In just a few months after planting, your garden will yield aromatic garlic bulbs ready to enhance your culinary creations, from garden to table. Begin your garlic-growing adventure with marshalls garden today. 

  • Choose from a variety of strong garlic varieties. 
  • Suitable for ground planting, raised beds, containers, and grow bags, providing endless gardening possibilities. 
  • Enjoy express delivery as the norm, accelerating your garlic-growing journey. 
  • Our friendly team is at your service six days a week, including bank holidays. 

Spring Planting Garlic
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