Caring for Wild Birds
in Spring

Spring is a time of new growth and new life, and this is especially true for birds. As we transition from winter into spring, birds’ attention turns from preserving vital fat stores to finding a mate and laying eggs. Our spring bird care guide will teach you how to support those feathered visitors in your garden throughout this season.

Supplement their diet

One of the best ways to support the birds during this season is to supplement their diet. Spring will see birds expending a lot of energy, through nest building and laying eggs, so it’s important to have an energy-rich diet. Once the chicks arrive, they’ll also expect a plentiful supply of insects as it’s vital for their development.

Choose an insect-rich bird food like Peckish Mealworms. Soak the mealworms in warm water before adding to the bird table to make them juicy; this will also allow birds to absorb moisture as they feed. The soft mealworms make excellent protein-rich food for growing birds and are a nutritious treat for nursing adults.

Mealworms are also a welcome meal for adult birds, and they’re a particular favourite of Robins. We’d also recommend Peckish Daily Goodness Nuggets as they’re packed with suet, seeds and mealworms. They’re the closest food to a bird’s natural diet and the perfect treat for adults and chicks.

Breeding season

Around the springtime, it’s more important than ever that birds get a high dose of calcium. Although it’s necessary anyway for bone and feather development, chicks can’t produce enough of their own calcium, so the mother will need to ensure she has a calcium-rich diet to properly form the shell. Peckish bird food contains Calvita which is a fantastic supplement for supporting chick growth, particularly in shells and beaks.