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DragonFli Chafer Grub Killer Nematodes - 100sqm



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Chafer grubs are commonly found across the UK and Europe and are the larvae of the adult Chafer Beetle. Hatching from May to June, the June Bug as it is also known, in larval stage feeds on the roots of lawn turf and once present in large numbers can cause significant damage. Chafer Grub nematodes are a highly effective and natural control.

Pack Contents: 1 x 100m2 Treatment Pack (50 million nematodes)


  • One pack contains 50 million nematodes suitable for an area of 100m2 (10m X 10m).
  • Scarify and spike the lawn before application to increase effectiveness.
  • Nematodes do not like Ultra-Violet light or dry conditions so apply early morning or late evening onto a moist lawn.
  • Unopened packs need to be stored in the fridge and used by their best before date.
  • Each pack comes with full instructions.

What are Chafer Grubs?

Chafer grubs are the larvae of the adult Chafer Beetle. These Chafer Beetles emerge from the soil around May and June and fly up from the turf to feed on the foliage of many plants. If you notice a high number of these adults, it may indicate a future issue in your grass later in the year. Eggs are then laid from these new adults within the turf and hatch a few weeks later. The grubs are usually 1 to 2 cm in length, ‘C’ shaped and display an orange head with a cream-coloured body. One distinctive identification of the Chafer grub is its distinct set of three pairs of legs.

In small numbers the larvae are usually not an issue, however when populations increase the grub damage becomes most evident in spring and autumn as the maturing larvae feed on the roots of turf leaving yellowish, dried out patches that can easily be identified, lifted, or tugged away. Overwintering occurs in the soil as larvae, these larvae are most active between August-April and they pupate in the soil in the spring.

Most significant damage, however, is done by wildlife such as birds, foxes, hedgehogs, and badgers who feed on the protein rich grubs and will dig up the lawn in search of their meal hiding just below the soil surface.

What are nematodes and how can they help?

This Chafer Grub Killer contains 50 million beneficial nematodes of the highly effective Heterohabditis bacteriophora. These naturally occurring nematodes enter the grubs via natural openings such as the mouth and not only feed on their insides but also introduce a natural bacterium which ultimately kills it.  The grubs cease activity, take on a different colour once infected and will break down within the soil.

When is the best time to apply the Nematodes?

The best time to apply Chafer Grub Killer is July-October when the soil is warm and grubs are close to the surface. It's best to use the nematodes while the grubs are still young as they are more susceptible at that stage. Make sure there is evidence of grubs in the soil prior to application.

If your lawn has been hard hit by Chafer grubs and the soil contains many of them, multiple treatments may be necessary to get rid of the infestation. Consider applying the nematode treatment every 2 weeks.

How To:

To maximise the power of your nematode treatment, we highly suggest spiking and scarifying the lawn beforehand. If it's patchy or doesn't have great coverage, spiking is essential. If there's a thick layer of thatch, scarifying is critical for allowing the nematodes into the soil. Additionally, keep the lawn damp to facilitate the nematodes reaching the Chafer Grubs.

  1. Empty the 50 million nematode sachet into a 5L bucket of clean water & mix thoroughly to make a concentrated stock solution.
  2. Mix 0.5L of the solution into an 8L watering can fitted with a coarse rose and fill with water (alternatively you can use through the Aquanemix).
  3. Water the diluted nematode solution into the lawn with each watering can covering an area of 10m2 - 10 cans, containing a total of 5 liters of solution, can treat up to 100m2.
  4. Keep your lawn damp for up to two weeks after applying Chafer Grub Killer Nematodes.

Detailed instructions included with delivery.  Click here for digital instruction leaflet.

What climate conditions do the Nematodes need?

Select a damp or wet day for applying Chafer Grub Killer Nematodes. These UV-sensitive organisms won’t endure bright sunshine, so apply them early in the morning or evening to get the best humidity levels.

What next?

Once the infestation has been eradicated scarification, aeration and over seeding with grass seed will be required to repair the lawn and limit any future attacks. A healthy lawn with good annual maintenance is the best form of defense!

If know your grass is prone to Chafer grubs you may want to keep an eye on your grass and repeat application as soon as you see the first signs.

Detailed instructions included with delivery.  Click here for digital instruction leaflet. 


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