Spring Flowering Bulbs


Our range of spring flowering bulbs is perfect for when you need a colourful lift after a long dark winter. 

With cheery daffodil varieties, tulips in all shades, as well as snowdrops and crocuses signalling the first day of spring, we have some exciting new varieties for you to choose from. Plant in autumn for a fine display and an injection of colour in containers or borders. View our growing guides to find out more about growing your own spring flowering bulbs.

·        Spring flowering bulbs delivered in autumn, ready to plant

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·        Help your spring flowering bulbs thrive in UK conditions with our growing guides

Spring Flowering Bulbs
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Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can plant our bulbs for spring flowers and then sit through those leaner winter months safe in the knowledge that brighter days and blooms are ahead.

All our spring flowering bulbs are delivered in autumn when they are ready to go straight into your borders, beds or pots. All you need to do is prepare your space and wait for them to arrive.

Spring flowering bulbs FAQs

Check our full list of FAQs or contact us for more information if you have a question that isn't featured here.

What do I do with spring bulbs after flowering?

Once spring bulb flowers have gone over, you can help them retain vibrancy for the next year with a few simple steps. First, deadhead the flower but retain any foliage. This stops the plant from putting energy into creating seeds and instead strengthens the bulb. Some hardier bulbs will reflower when left in the ground, but you can also lift them and store firm, clean bulbs for replanting. Any bulbs that are small and soft should be discarded.

When's the best time to plant spring flowering bulbs?

Most bulbs can be planted through autumn for successful flowers in spring. In borders and other spots in the ground, the bulb needs to establish roots before winter brings on dormancy and makes the soil hard. Planting bulbs in pots in winter should still produce spring flowers in most cases.

Can I plant summer flowers on top of spring bulbs?

Absolutely. Planting summer flowering annuals around your spring bulbs can maintain interest in borders and cover foliage as it dies back from your spring blooms. Perennial options that bloom in later spring such as hostas and salvias are also great companions for a bulb display.

Do spring bulbs flower every year?

The majority of spring flowering bulbs are perennial and will reflower for many years if given the right conditions and a little ongoing care. Tulips generally don't perform brilliantly over multiple years, but you may find some sustained success putting them in flower beds after a year of them growing in pots.

What are the earliest blooming bulbs in spring?

Snowdrops, as the name suggests, don't mind poking their heads up in cold conditions and crocuses are usually not too far behind.

When's the latest I can plant spring flowering bulbs?

Naturally, the earlier your bulb is due to flower, the earlier it needs to be planted. Some bulbs such as tulips and daffodils have a fairly wide planting season and have a good chance of succeeding whether planted in September or right up until December. If in pots and sheltered, some bulbs may even flower in spring after being planted in January.

What happens if I plant spring bulbs too early?

Planting bulbs when the soil is still warm during the summer months can stop them from flowering and might even leave lasting damage. The good news is that when you order spring flowering bulbs from us, we'll only send them when they're ready to be planted.

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