Tulip Bulbs

Tulips are easy to grow and look great in your containers and flower beds. Plant tulip bulbs between October and November for stunning spring flowers. Our tulip growing guide contains everything you need to know about getting the most from these versatile spring showstoppers.

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Tulip Bulbs
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We stock tulip bulbs in a range of different heights, colours, forms, and flowering times. No matter, what you choose, your purchase will be backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our tulip bulbs will be sent to you from late September and can be planted from October to November at 3 times the depth of the bulb – approximately 10cm deep. Our range of planting tools will help you get perfect depth, and why not check our entire spring flowering bulbs range to build a beautiful border?

Tulip bulbs FAQs

Contact us or check out our tulip growing guide for more info on maximising your blooms. Our full list of FAQs also includes loads of handy info about buying from Marshalls Garden.

When should I plant tulip bulbs?

Tulips will flower from March to April if planted between September and November. Tulip bulbs are better planted later than other spring flowering options such as daffodils, as they can be prone to disease when planted in warmer soil.

Can I plant tulip bulbs in January?

Tulip bulbs perform best in cooler soil, so you stand a good chance of enjoying spring flowers if you plant them in January. If the ground is hard, break it up and plant tulip bulbs with some compost and horticultural grit. Digging a shallow hole and covering them with a mulch layer of compost can also aid root generation.

Of course, if you're planting in pots in January, you stand a very good chance of seeing spring tulip flowers – especially if you control conditions and give the container enough cover.

How do I plant tulip bulbs?

Tulip bulbs should flourish when planted in a hole dug to three times the depth of each bulb. If you are planting in an area with compacted soil, break it up and add some horticultural grit to aid root growth. Tulips thrive with good drainage, so add some pot crocks if planting in containers.

Are tulip bulbs poisonous to dogs?

Yes, they are. The bulb of the tulip, in particular, contains toxins that can upset your dog's stomach or even cause heart issues in certain cases. Vomiting or trouble breathing are signs that your dog may have eaten something they shouldn't have.

Do tulip bulbs come back year after year?

Tulips are perennial and will reflower if left in the ground, although some hybrid varieties are bred to be at their showiest when they first flower. To help tulips reflower, deadhead spent ones to prevent any energy from going into seed production but retain foliage while the plant dies back so it keeps producing and storing energy for the bulb. Tulip bulbs are likely to rot in poor-draining soil that gets wet.

How do I store tulip bulbs?

Lifting tulip bulbs is the best way to improve the chances of a repeat flowering. Once the foliage has died back completely, lift them out of the ground and remove any excess soil and dirt. Leave them to dry for at least 24 hours and then store good-sized firm bulbs in a cool, dark and dry place for the following year. Any bulbs that are discoloured or have gone soft should be thrown away.

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