Spring Flowering Bulbs

With over 40 new bulbs and collections in our range, we have even more stunning varieties to brighten up your spring garden. From new Pot Partners to UK Cornish-Grown Narcissi, we really do have a bulb for every garden.

Our Spring Bulb Favourites


Easy to grow and are among the most versatile of all Spring bulbs. With large, showy six petal flowers, they look great in containers and in flower beds.


Stunning spherical blooms atop tall stems that bridge the gap from spring to summer. They are great for adding depth, height, and texture to flower beds and borders.

Daffodil (Narcissus)

The vivid nodding flowers of Daffodils are the first signs of spring in British gardens. We have a huge range of varieties in many colours for you to grow at home.

Our Top Spring Bulb Categories

New Highlights for 2021

We have over 40 new bulb varieties & collections available to buy this year to brighten up your garden and create wonderful beds and borders.

Spring Bulb Collections

We've put together a number of excellent value Spring Bulb Collections, they feature varieties specially selected by our experts to perfectly compliment each other.

Layered Planting Packs

Layered or lasagne planting is an easy and creative way to get a succession of vibrant flowers in one area throughout the spring.

Other Popular Spring Bulbs


Crocus are low growing plants that bring cherry splashes of early colour and sweet fragrance. Plant in autumn for early spring colour.

Snowdrop (Galanthus)

The earliest flowering of all spring bulbs, the snowdrop's pure white delicate flowers lighten the darkest winter day. Available in different forms and pack sizes.


Dutch irises produce stunning flowers of different colours and make a great addition to spring gardens. Grow in pots on the patio or in the ground.


Also known as 'Grape Hyacinths', they produce urn-shaped flowers which resemble tiny bunches of grapes, they are loved by bees and other pollinators.


Introduce a touch of exotic colour to your garden with these beautiful bell-shaped flowers. Fritillaria are easy to grow and require very little aftercare.


Perfume the entire garden in mid-spring with these striking blooms. Plant in September or October in borders or containers for flowering in March and April.

Shop Spring Bulbs by Purpose

Great for Naturalising

Create carpets of beautiful drifts of spring bulbs scattered around trees, shady spots and in lawns. Naturalising gives your garden a more natural flowing style.

Great for Cut Flowers

These spring bulbs produce tall stems with lush vibrant flowers that are suited to cutting and featuring in vases for floral displays indoors.

Great for Pollinators

These varieties will produce sweeping arrays of colour and encourage a wide variety of essential pollinating insects to your garden.

Complete your Spring Bulb Arrays

Bulb Growing Compost

We have a range of quality bulb compost that's packed with the nutrients they need to excel and produce vibrant blooms year after year.

Hand Tools

We choose the best quality garden hand tools that will retain optimum sharpness and strength and will last for years to come.

Containers & Planters

Whether you decide to grow your brilliant bulbs on the patio or in beds we have many options of planters for you to grow your favourite bulbs in.

Delivery Dates

Our spring flowering bulbs will be delivered from late-September through to November.
Our delivery information page is frequently updated, for more information click here.

Growing Information & Advice

Spring Bulb Growing Guides

Bulbs are easy to grow and are extremely versatile, they come back year after year.

Bulbs store their energy over winter, they then spring into life as winter draws to a close and look stunning in borders, filling in the gaps before your shrubs and perennials spring into action again.