Perennial Plants

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Perennial plants are the mainstay of the flower garden; many will flower all summer, becoming dormant in autumn to reappear in spring.

Perennial Plants

Perennial plants are the mainstay of the flower garden; many will flower all summer, becoming dormant in autumn to reappear in spring.

Perennial Favourites


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Captivating open flowers in a spectrum of bright hues. Creating a beautiful display also loved by pollinators.


Enchanting two-lipped flowers, square stems, and aromatic leaves, are a delight for both nature and garden enthusiasts.


Elegant flowering plants, celebrated for their striking blooms and graceful foliage.


A cottage garden favourite to add spires of colour amongst your herbaceous border during May & June.


Strong lavender scent, abundant purple-blue flowers in summer and silver-grey leaves. Perfect for attracting pollinators to your garden.


Popular cottage garden perennials with tall, spiky towers of flowers ranging from pinks & purples, blues, pinks and whites.

Shop By Plant Size

We supply a range of plant sizes, cared for in our nursey by our growing experts and delivered to you at different stages of maturity based on your needs. As a rule of thumb, the larger the pot, the larger the plant growth. Each increase in pot size means roughly another year’s growth. Check our our handy guide to understanding our plant sizes here.


Perennial seedlings arrive ready for potting to be matured in a greenhouse until they can be planted in their final position after the risk of any frosts has passed. Our youngest and smallest plants.

Garden Ready Plugs

Larger than seedlings, with more developed roots so they are stronger and establish faster. Cutting raised, which means they come from cuttings and not seeds.

9cm Pot

An affordable option to add perennials to your borders for a lower price. Ready to plant out for instant imapct.

2-5 Litre Pots

Perennials in 2-5 Litre size pots. These pot sizes are our medium perennial plants with good maturity. For the excellent instant impact in your garden.

5 Litre and above Pots

Larger Perennials in 5 Litre and above size pots. These pot sizes are our most mature perennial plants. For the biggest instant impact in your garden.

Bare Root Plants

Bare Root Perennials are delivered dormant, they may not look like much to start but they establish strong roots to create more flowering stems and flowers earlier in the season.

Shop By Feature

Keeps on flowering

Explore our range of Perennials that flower for 3 months or more!

Perfect for Pots

Plants that thrive in pots & containers. Lovely for a patio or balcony.

Loved by Bees

Attract beneficial pollinators to your garden.

Cottage Garden Plants

Create a stunning display with our Cottage Garden Selection, chosen by our experts to fill your garden with colour.

Shop By Garden Position

Full Sun

These perennials flurish in sunny positions in your garden.

Partial Shade

Great for partially shaded areas with inconsistant sun.


Ideal to fill the fully shaded spots in your outdoor space.

Shop By Colour

Shop All Perennials

Perennials are long living plants that will flower year after year. Usually dying back at frost hits and emrging new growth in Spring or Summer.

Shop All Alpines

Alpines will snuggle into tight stone gaps and take minimum looking after. Make sure you start them off right with alpine potting mixes, and then just sit back and let them establish themselves in your rockery, border edges or containers.

Grasses & Ferns

Ferns and grasses are highly versatile plants that require very little care or attention and they are not often bothered by pests or diseases. They are shade-loving plants and so are well suited to the darker areas of your garden.

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