Whether it be seeding, aerating, removing moss or feeding your lawn, we've got the lawn care solutions, tools and information you need to help you get the job done and keep your lawn looking lucious and thick.

Top Lawn Categories

Lawn Edging

Ideal for keeping your patio and garden areas neat and tidy throughout the year.

Lawn Feeds & Fertilisers

Regular feeding will help create and maintain a green, thick and full lawn.

Lawn Care Tools

Everything you need to aerate, edge, remove weeds and moss from your lawn.

Lawn Mowers

We have a wide range of lawn mowers to tackle different sized gardens.

Lawn Patching & Repair

When you are creating a luscious lawn then bare patches can be a real problem.

Lawn Pest Control

Our professionals have selected the best pest control items to protect your lawns.

Lawn Seed

To keep your lawn healthy new seeds should be sown to replace older grass.

Soil & Lawn Dressings

Caring for your lawn is crucial in order to keep it healthy.

Lawn Sprinklers & Spray Guns

Make light work of watering your lawn and garden with a new sprinkler or spray gun.

Lawn Weed & Moss Control

Weeds on your lawn are one of the most frustrating things when it comes to lawn perfection.

Lawn Spreaders

Using a seed spreader means that seeds are evenly distributed with accurate application.

Lawn Advice & Inspiration

Summer Lawn Care

As the warmer weather fast approaches, the nation will turn its attention to outdoor living and a lush green lawn is a key focal point for the summer. The centrepiece of any garden, the lawn is a children’s playground or football pitch, as well as being home to both sun worshippers and BBQ lovers.

How to Aerate a Lawn

The perfect garden lawn is practical to use, lovely to look at and an asset to your home. But over the course of the year, it will experience heavy use and need some TLC come the autumn months. Proper care now will help root growth and make your lawn healthier in the long run, as well as creating a centrepiece in your garden in spring. An important task to start your turf on its rejuvenation is aeration and its very simple to do!

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