It was back in 1903 that William Unwin sold his first sweet pea seeds. However, the story starts two years earlier, in the summer of 1901. One evening, after choir practice, he was showing two fellow choristers round the many rows of sweet peas he grew to send to the flower markets in London.

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Winter Bedding Plants

Winter bedding plants are a cost-effective way to give autumn & winter interest. Use them to fill larger areas, they can be used in beds, borders, containers and provide bright colourful blooms.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Pea plants possibly Britain's favourite annual flower, are fragrant, with beautiful flowers and the more flowers you cut, the more grow on the plant! With such a wide variety to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice!


Roses are one of the most loved plants in our gardens and never seem to quite go out of fashion. Our roses are supplied as bare roots as well as in 3.5 litre pots and are ready to fill your borders with colour from spring.

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees can be well worth growing for their aesthetic value alone however some have the additional bonus of having edible fruit and most will attract beneficial wildlife too.

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How to Grow Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are a must for any garden.They’re elegant, fragrant, great in borders climbing up trellises or wig-wam frames, disguising an unsightly wall or even scrambling over shrubs in a less-formal display.


How to Grow Wild Flowers

From poppy plants to white clover, cornflowers, pheasant eye and toadflax, growing wildflowers in your garden gives you vibrant colours, textures and a range of attractive plants through spring and summer.

Growing guide, flowers & plants

Bring colour, texture and scent to your garden with our large selection of flowers and seeds including perennials, spring and summer flowering bulbs

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