Since 1903, Unwins has been a well-known and highly respected name amongst gardeners.
Originally specializing in flower seed, Unwins continues to be a leader in the development of varieties of sweet pea but has also now diversified into vegetable seed, providing our customers with a flavoursome choice to grow year after year. We are proud to continue that famous heritage as part of the Marshalls Garden family.

Recommended Categories

Sweet Peas

The origin of Unwins and possibly Britain's favourite annual flower. Sweet peas are wonderfully fragrant, with beautiful flowers in all shades of colours. Popular as a cut flower too, the more grow on the plant! With such a wide variety to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice!

Summer colour

There's nothing quite like a garden overflowing with gorgeous, colourful blooms and Unwins has the perfect flower seed to create a kaleidoscope of colour in your outdoor space. From calendula to lupins, sunflowers to passion flowers, Unwins has the best summer flowers for a standout garden that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Vegetable seeds

Dreaming of your own vegetable garden, but not sure where to start? Unwins has the complete range of vegetable seed to feed your family fresh, delicious food, straight from the plot. Not only is growing your own, incredibly rewarding, but it will also taste better than anything from the supermarket.

For a Helping Hand

How to Grow Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are a must for any garden.They’re elegant, fragrant, great in borders climbing up trellises or wig-wam frames, disguising an unsightly wall or even scrambling over shrubs in a less-formal display.


How to Grow Wild Flowers

From poppy plants to white clover, cornflowers, pheasant eye and toadflax, growing wildflowers in your garden gives you vibrant colours, textures and a range of attractive plants through spring and summer.

How to Grow Vegetable Seeds

Here are a few pointers for you to bear in mind when you’re ready for sowing. When you get your vegetables seeds you’ll notice there is lots of information on the seed packet; it’s worth reading this gem of information that covers sowing times, planting times and more.