Since 1903, Unwins has been a well-known and highly respected name amongst gardeners. Originally specialising in flower seed, Unwins continues to be a leader in the development of varieties of sweet pea but has also now diversified into vegetable seed, providing our customers with a flavoursome choice to grow year after year. We are proud to continue that famous heritage as part of the Marshalls Garden family.

Unwins Seeds from Marshalls

No matter the way your garden grows, from a courtyard city garden to acres in the countryside, you can enjoy the journey of watching seeds grow into beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables. From classic bedding for a patio full of colour, to swathes of wildflowers in borders to set the bees abuzz, or to the timeless beauty of a classic sweet pea, our range offers great value for money.

Established in 1903, Unwins sits side by side with Marshalls Garden as our specialist heritage brand for flower and vegetable seeds. Unwins shares all the expertise in seed selection and the testing of Marshalls Garden, and offers the same 100% satisfaction guarantee on every packet we send to you. Like Marshalls Garden, Unwins also offer an excellent choice of gardeners' favourites with over 300 varieties.

Look out for some of our best tips and advice to create a haven of biodiversity, top picks for cut flowers, edible flowers and those that the bees simply love.

Vegetable Seeds

Growing your own vegetables from seed is so rewarding! Not only do they taste so much better than shop-bought veg, but you can also save money, have a regular supply of fresh veg on your dinner plate and know exactly where your food has come from!


Flower Seeds

Create a garden full of beautiful blooms, fantastic colour and incredible scent by growing your favourite flowers, sweet peas, cornflowers, zinnias, sunflowers, poppies, and everything in between, there are so many flowers for you to grow from seed!


Recommended Vegetable Seeds

Beetroot Seeds

Beetroot is certainly seen as a very traditional root vegetable, with great versatility. Ideal pickled in salads or roasted in hot meals, and don't forget you can use the leaves like spinach

Carrot Seeds

Carrots are really easy to grow from seed and extremely rewarding. This root vegetable has many uses in the kitchen, and can be eaten as soon as picked.


Courgette Seeds

Courgette plants are very easy to grow and will fruit in abundance. You can expect to pick about 4 in a week of good weather.


Radish Seeds

Radishes are easy to grow from seed and are ready to harvest in just a few short weeks. This peppery vegetable is fantastic in salads, or even on their own.


Recommended Flower Seeds

Cosmos Seeds

Radishes are easy to grow from seed and are ready to harvest in just a few short weeks. This peppery vegetable is fantastic in salads, or even on their own.

Poppy Seeds

Our collection of Poppy seeds are available in a range of colours from traditional reds through to more unusual whites and purples.


Sunflower Seeds

Unwins Sunflower seeds will give you a dramatic display of colour in your garden. With lots of varieties to choose from in different sizes and colours, you'll be sure to find something to make an impact.

Marigold Seeds

A pot version of Calendula, Marigolds are some of the easiest plants to grow, and the fastest to see results from seed.


120 Years of Sweet Peas

Sweet Pea Seeds

at Unwins we are famous for our Sweet Peas. Dating back to 1895 when William Unwin grew over 350m of Sweet Peas, he picked his first crop of Sweet Pea ‘Gladys Unwin’ seed in 1903, when Unwins was founded. So you'll be sure to get an excellent quality variety from our vast collection.

Our Unwins Sweet Pea Story Continued..

William Unwin sold his first sweet pea in 1903, and from there the Unwins story began. Since then, having become one of the world's first and finest seed innovators, Unwins still hold one of the finest ranges of sweet peas that are loved by gardeners nationwide. Here at Marshalls, we're proud to continue their story, helping gardeners find some of the best of classic Unwins-bred Spencer types, the ever popular modern Grandifloras, and some of the latest breeding breakthroughs with picotee and bi-colours to bring bursts of colour and joy to your garden.


For a Helping Hand

How to Grow Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are a must for any garden.They’re elegant, fragrant, great in borders climbing up trellises or wig-wam frames, disguising an unsightly wall or even scrambling over shrubs in a less-formal display.


How to Grow Vegetables

From tomato plants to courgettes, pumpkins, cauliflower or beans, growing vegetables in your garden gives you delicious crops, textures and a wonderful selection for your culinary needs.

How to Grow Flowers

From poppy plants to white clover, cornflowers, pheasant eye and toadflax, growing wildflowers in your garden gives you vibrant colours, textures and a range of attractive plants through spring and summer.