Vegetable Seeds

Marshalls offers a wonderful range of quality vegetable seeds to give you great results in your garden or allotment. If you’re an experienced fruit and veg home grower or planting crop seeds for the first time, you’ll find all you need at Marshalls and our packets come with full instructions.

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Root Vegetables

From carrots toradishes, to horseradish, root vegetables are a group of crops you can grow as a staple part of your vegetable plot. With recent innovations in growing your own crops, you can grow them successfully in troughs and in containers too.


Once you've grown your own Cucumbers from seed you'll really never want a shop brought one again; their fresh crunchy texture is exquisite!


Brassicas are in a family of crops that are very varied – they include all the cabbages and cauliflowers, turnips, the broccolis and calabrese, Brussels sprouts and kales.


Quick and easy, they'll grow equally well in large pots and tubs as well as in the vegetable plot. With a multitude of uses salad seeds are fast becoming more and more popular if not for the flavours but the easiness of growing!

Expert Advice

Seeds to Sow Now

We have put together the best seed varieties to sow during the current month.

Choose from flower and veg varieties to give you the earliest crops or for late sowings for delicious winter vegetables.

How to sow vegetable seeds

Growing your own vegetables from seeds couldn't be easier and is the most economical way of home-growing. All our packets have full instructions on the best
sowing times,
when you can expect harvests and other essential
tips to give you your best crops.

Marshalls grow your own veg

Vegetable & root vegetable plants which are ready to plant during the right season. We’ve raised plants and roots in ideal nursery conditions which are ready for you to plant and full of promise.

How to grow carrots

One of the best things about growing your own carrots is that they taste so much better than shop-bought ones and you can enjoy a variety of different types, too. They can be kept in the ground and harvested when needed when they’re most full of flavour and goodness.

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