Garden Tools

Maintaining your garden is key to helping it flourish. Take care of yours with the extensive selection of quality gardening tools available at Marshalls Garden. Browse the range today.


Types of Garden Tools

Brooms & Rakes

Make light work of maintenance and tidying with these versatile tools for gardening.

Forks, Hoes & Cultivators

Find the right garden tool to help cultivate your soil, choosing from forks, hoes and cultivators.

Hedge Shears

Keep your bushes, hedges and trees tidy with a reliable pair of garden shears.

Lawn Care Tools

A variety of garden hand tools and powered equipment to help maintain your lawn.

Loppers, Pruners & Saws

Care for individual trees and shrubs with quality loppers, pruners and saws.

Propagation Tools & Knives

Find garden tool sets, knives and a selection of other multi-tools.

Secateurs & Snips

Fundamental gardening hand tools to get the finer details just right.

Short and Mid-Handled Tools

Benefit from extra reach if you're working in raised beds or around your borders.

Weed Control Tools

Combat dreaded weeds with dedicated hand tools for your garden, path or patio.

Trowels & Planting Tools

Prepare the latest additions to your garden with handy digging and planting tools.

Children's Gardening Tools

Get your kids or grandkids involved with our dedicated range of children's garden tools.

Garden Tools Advice

How to Aerate a Lawn

The perfect garden lawn is practical to use, lovely to look at and an asset to your home. Proper care now will help root growth and make your lawn healthier in the long run, as well as create a garden centrepiece come spring. Learn how to use the appropriate garden tools properly.

Recommended Garden Tools

Garden Tools FAQs

What tools do I need as a gardener?

The range of tools you'll need for gardening depends on your experience level, the type of garden you're maintaining and your desired outcomes. If you've only got a lawn and no flower beds or shrubs to maintain, you won't need much more than a garden edging tool, lawn care products and powered equipment such as a lawnmower.

For vegetable and flower gardens, where a litte more care and attention is required, you'll need a more extensive garden tool set. The best gardener's tools and equipment for beginners include:

What is the most popular gardening tool?

The go-to hand tool for gardener of all ages and experiences is the humble hand trowel. It's versatile around the garden, suitable for working with beds, pots and containers where a larger fork or spade doesn't suffice. A hand trowel breaks up soil, plants, seeds and bulbs, and digs out weeds. You'll manage your garden better with a hand trowel by your side.

What to look for when buying garden tools?

Your choice of tools for gardening is important. Pay attention to the quality of your maintenance to ensure the longevity of your tools and your comfort while gardening. We'd recommend you consider the following if you're thinking about buying hand garden tools:

Quality: Cheaper is not usually the way to go when it comes to buying garden tools and equipment. Instead, focus on quality to ensure you don't have to replace items for a while, maybe even your lifetime. Sometimes it's worth paying extra for something that's going to make your life easier in the garden, such as secateurs. The best tools help you to care for your garden effectively and avoid damaging plants and shrubs in the process.

Size: Finding appropriately sized gardening tools is best to ensure you don't hurt or strain yourself while working in your garden or allotment. If you can't make it to a store to try before you buy, consider short or long-handled tools depending on your height. Longer handles provide better reach for everyone around raised beds and beyond lawn edges, so you don't need to stretch too far and risk hurting yourself.

Materials: The materials used are an important factor in determining which are the best garden tools to invest in. Avoid cheap plastic, wood and metal products because they rarely work as effectively and are likely to break more quickly. Instead, choose sturdy wood and metal tools - many of the better quality ones are heavier. The price is usually a clue as to how strong and reliable certain materials and products are.

How often should you clean garden tools?

Ideally, you should be cleaning your gardening tools after every use to stop the spread of disease between plants via retained soil. Regular cleaning and sharpening also ensures tools remain effective, which makes your work easier and prevents blunt, clogged tools damaging trees and shrubs.

Most garden tools can be cleaned by scraping off mud, spraying down with water and drying off, treating with a disinfectant and finishing with a thin layer of general-purpose oil to ensure mechanisms stay well lubricated.

Is it okay to leave garden tools outside?

You should avoid leaving your gardening tools outside and instead use a dry storage area such as as shed or tool chest. Exposure to moisture can lead to rust and may undermine the integrity of the tool. Certain materials such as wood are susceptible to damage when damp and you don't want to have to replace tools any sooner than you need to.

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